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Name: Alpaca
email address: kimana@inco.com.lb
Real Name: Joumana Medlej
Location: Beirut, Lebanon

I don't claim a particular religion, but my beliefs come close to what christianity should have been if everyone had stuck to "love one another" and never come up with the church.

To me magic is so natural that we don't notice most of it, just as we don't notice breathing. The existence of the term magic shows an aberration in the way things are, in itself. We don't have a term for the phenomenon that allows us to raise an arm, do we? But I also think a lot of what we now classify under "magic" happens only in our minds.

I am in the process of rebuilding my system of beliefs from almost scratch. My spiritual progress, instead of remaining separate from the mundane , is now one with it and I am discovering "magic" in the most material things. As my best friend put it, I am returning to earth. I have a deep interest in Tarot and the Qabbalah, and generally in anything interesting related to the occult. I have a history in witchcraft and CM but don't practice anymore, or rather practice organically rather than through rituals. I still have an intellectual interest in witch and magician lore though.