Chinese Zodiac

From: Qi - The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness,

A Chinese horoscope is compiled with more than just the birth year, which starts on a different date each year. The day is divided into twelve parts of two hours each, each hour is given and animal. Each year also has a polarity, "negative" or "positive," yin or yang. Yin is feminine, passive, "negative," and is associated with water, the night, and the moon. Yang is masculine, active, and "positive," and is associated with fire, the day, and the sun. Together yin and yang bring balance, and each has a part of the other, as seen in the spot of darkness in yang and lightness in yin. Also in the east there are five elements: metal (fixity and strength), water (sensitivity and persuasivness), wood (creativity and imagination), fire (dynamism, energy, and passion), and earth (stability, industry, and practicality).


Rats are hard-working, sociable, intelligent and popular. Because the Rat is so sociable he or she will use secrets or confidential information to make a conversation more interesting, therefore do not trust the Rat with secrets. Rats are ambitious and quick to anger, and are also prone to spend freely. Truly generous to the person they love, however there is an inclination to be an oppurtunist and to be overly critical. Rats are often happy in sales or as a writer, critic, or publicist.

Compatible with: Dragon and Monkey
Watch out!: Horse

* Jan 31,1900 to Feb 18,1901 (metal)
* Feb 18,1912 to Feb 5,1913 (water)
* Feb 5,1924 to Jan 23,1925 (wood)
* Jan 24,1936 to Feb 10,1937 (fire)
* Feb 10,1948 to Jan 28,1949 (earth)
* Jan 28,1960 to Feb 14,1961 (metal)
* Feb 15,1972 to Feb 2,1973 (water)
* Feb 2,1984 to Feb 19,1985 (wood)
* Feb 19,1996 to Feb 6,1997 (fire)

Celebrities include: Plato - Haydn - Mozart - Tchaikovsky


Also called the buffalo, the Ox is loyal, sincere, and stubborn. Oxen are bright, inspiring and easy going and make an outstanding parents. They are conservative, methodical, and good with their hands. Oxen should watch themselves for being chauvinistic and demanding their own way. The Ox prefers a quiet environment therefore he or she will find difficulty getting along with the Horse, Dragon, and Tiger. He will find that he has nothing in common with the Goat. The Buffalo would be successful as a skilled surgeon, general, or hairdresser.

Compatible with: Rooster and Snake
Watch out!: Goat

* Feb 19,1901 to Feb 7,1902 (metal)
* Feb 6,1913 to Jan 25,1914 (water)
* Jan 24,1925 to Feb 12,1926 (wood)
* Feb 11,1937 to Jan 30,1938 (fire)
* Jan 29,1949 to Feb 16,1950 (earth)
* Feb 15,1961 to Feb 4,1962 (metal)
* Feb 3,1973 to Jan 22,1974 (water)
* Feb 20,1985 to Feb 8,1986 (wood)
* Feb 7,1997 to Jan 27,1998 (fire)

Celebrities include: Bach - Handel - Van Gogh - Dvorak - Walt Disney - Charles Chaplin


Tigers are charismatic figures that enjoy a challenge. Sometimes a frightening spirit, they are aggressive and couragous. They are sensitive, honest and are original thinkers. He or she is independent and generous. He will not sneak out on a job or a relationship. However, they may have a tendency to get carried away and be stubborn about what they think is right; often seen as a "Hothead" or rebel. Tigers make excellent bosses, explorers, race car drivers, or matadors.

Compatible with: Dog and Horse
Watch out!: Monkey

* Feb 8,1902 to Jan 28,1903 (water)
* Jan 26,1914 to Feb 13,1915 (wood)
* Feb 13,1926 to Feb 1,1927 (fire)
* Jan 31,1938 to Feb 18,1939 (earth)
* Feb 17,1950 to Feb 5,1951 (metal)
* Feb 5,1962 to Jan 24,1963 (water)
* Jan 23,1974 to Feb 10,1975 (wood)
* Feb 9,1986 to Jan 28,1987 (fire)
* Jan 28,1998 to Feb 15,1999 (earth)

Celebrities include: Marilyn Monroe - Queen Elizabeth II - Sun Yet San - Karl Marx - Beethoven


Rabbits are creative and are collectors. He will spend a lot of money to furnish his home. When it comes to marriages, they are not the most faithful ones. Rabbit is the luckiest of the signs. Talented and affectionate--but still shy--Rabbits often seek peace. Rabbits have a tendency to get too sentimental and seem superficial. Being cautious and conservative, they are successful in business but would also make a good lawyer, diplomat, or actor.

Compatible with: Pig and Goat
Watch out!: Rooster

* Jan 29,1903 to Feb 15,1904 (water)
* Feb 14,1915 to Feb 2,1916 (wood)
* Feb 2,1927 to Jan 22,1928 (fire)
* Feb 19,1939 to Feb 7,1940 (earth)
* Feb 1951 to Jan 26 1952 (metal)
* Jan 25,1963 to Feb 12,1964 (water)
* Feb 11,1975 to Jan 30,1976 (wood)
* Jan 29,1987 to Feb 16,1988 (fire)
* Feb 16,1999 to Feb 4, 2000 (earth)

Celebrities include: Michelangelo - Napoleon - Albert Einstein - Walt Whitman - Marie Curie


Dragons do not like delays, wasting their time is like taking their most valuable possession away. They love independence and freedom. If they marry they will marry young. They are excitable with a complex life. A born leader, Dragons are stubborn on the outside, but soft-hearted inside. Dragons are often dsecribed as foolhardy and a "big mouth." They are intelligent, gifted, and a perfectionist. Dragons are well-suited to be an artist, priest, or politician.

Compatible with: Rat, Monkey
Watch out!: Dog

* Feb 16,1904 to Feb 3,1905 (wood)
* Feb 3,1916 to Jan 22,1947 (fire)
* Jan 23,1928 to Feb 9,1929 (earth)
* Feb 8,1940 to Jan 26,1941 (metal)
* Jan 27,1952 to Feb 13,1953 (water)
* Feb 13,1964 to Feb 1,1965 (wood)
* Jan 31,1976 to Feb 17,1977 (fire)
* Feb 17,1988 to Feb 5,1989 (earth)

Celebrities include: Sigmund Freud - Martin Luther King - Shirley Temple - Grace Kelly - Christopher Reeves - Florence Nightingale


The Snake is a deep thinker and is hard-working. They are calm during crises situations. Though communicating with others is not his best skill he does have a good sense of humor. Snakes are wise and intense, but vain. Passionate and determined, a snake is a winner with money. The Snake would be most content as a teacher, philosopher, writer, psychiatrist, or fortune teller.

Compatible with: Ox and Rooster
Watch out!: Pig

* Feb 4,1905 to Jan 24,1906 (wood)
* Jan 23,1917 to Feb 10,1918 (fire)
* Feb 10,1929 to Jan 29,1930 (earth)
* Jan 27,1941 to Feb 14,1942 (metal)
* Feb 14,1953 to Feb 2,1954 (water)
* Feb 2,1965 to Jan 20,1966 (wood)
* Feb 18,1977 to Feb 6,1978 (fire)
* Feb 1989 to Jan 26 1990 (earth)

Celebrities include: Mendelssohn - Jacqueline Onassis - Picasso - Audrey Hepburn


The Horse have charming manners and an amazing capacity for hard work. They are cheerful and popular party animals that love to meet new people. Their lives will rarely be dull. Though impatient, horses are handy with money. The sign of the Horse suggests success as an adventurer, scientist, poet, or politician.

Compatable with: Tiger and Dog
Watch out!: Rat

* Jan 25,1906 to Feb 12,1907 (fire)
* Feb 11,1918 to Jan 31,1919 (earth)
* Jan 30,1930 to Feb 16,1931 (metal)
* Feb 15,1942 to Feb 4,1943 (water)
* Feb 3,1954 to Jan 23,1955 (wood)
* Jan 21,1966 to Feb 8,1967 (fire)
* Feb 7,1978 to Jan 27,1979 (earth)
* Jan 27,1990 to Feb 14,1991 (metal)

Celebrities include: Thomas Edison - Leonard Bernstein - Barbara Streisand - Clint Eastwood - Ingmar Bergman


The Goat is talented and they know it themselves. He or she is not a fast worker, however, and they will focus more on quality than quantity. The goat is elegant and creative, and passionate but timid. With a tendency towards pessimism, Goats would be best as an actor, gardener, or beachcomber.

Compatible with: Rabbit and Pig
Watch out!: Ox

* Feb 13,1907 to Feb 1,1908 (fire)
* Feb 1,1919 to Feb 19,1920 (earth)
* Feb 17,1931 to Feb 5,1932 (metal)
* Feb 5,1943 to Jan 24,1944 (water)
* Jan 24,1955 to Feb 11,1956 (wood)
* Feb 9,1967 to Jan 29,1968 (fire)
* Jan 28,1979 to Feb 15,1980 (earth)
* Feb 15,1991 to Feb 3,1992 (metal)

Celebrities include: Rudolph Valentino - Boris Becker - King George VI - Veronica Lake


The Monkey is very intelligent and learns from his or her mistakes. He is eager to learn to quench his thirst for knowledge. He has a good memory. Monkeys are very persuasive and can easily influence people, and as such often make good politicians. Monkeys are talented and inventive, but easily discouraged.

Compatible with: Dragon and Rat
Watch out! Tiger

* Feb 2,1908 to Jan 21,1909 (earth)
* Feb 20,1920 to Feb 7,1921 (metal)
* Feb 6,1932 to Jan 25,1933 (water)
* Jan 25,1944 to Feb 12,1945 (wood)
* Feb 12,1956 to Jan 30,1957 (fire)
* Jan 30,1968 to Feb 16,1969 (earth)
* Feb 16,1980 to Feb 4,1981 (metal)
* Feb 4,1992 to Jan 22,1993 (water)

Celebrities include: Julius Caesar - Leonardo daVinci - Captain Cook- Elizabeth Taylor - Edgar Faure

Roosters are intelligent because they are usually well educated. He or she is usually organized and precise. They often have a pioneer spirit devoted to work and quest after knowledge, though they may be sometimes selfish and eccentric. Roosters are shrewd and definite in decision making, often speaking his mind. Because of this, they tend to seem boastful to others. They are dreamers, flashy dressers, and extravagant to an extreme. Roosters should be happy as a restaurant owner, publicist, soldier, or world traveler.

Compatible with: Ox and Snake
Watch out!: rabbit

* Jan 22,1909 to Feb 9,1910 (earth)
* Feb 8,1921 to Jan 27,1922 (metal)
* Jan 26,1933 to Feb 13,1934 (water)
* Feb 13,1945 to Feb 1,1946 (wood)
* Jan 31,1957 to Feb 17,1958 (fire)
* Feb 17,1969 to Feb 5,1970 (earth)
* Feb 5,1981 to Jan 24,1982 (metal)
* Jan 23,1993 to Feb 9,1994 (water)

Celebrities include: Confucius - Katherine Hepburn


The Dog is very honest and helpful. He or she will be happy to give advice. He is not sociable yet he is very friendly. He is very loyal and will be hurt if his friend betrays his trust. He makes a good leader because he is generous, yet stubborn. Dogs are earmarked for success. The Dog seems to develop a reputation for never letting someone down, and being faithful to those they love. However, Dogs are plagued by constant worry, a sharp tongue, and a tendency to be a fault finder. Apart from teaching, Dogs make excellent businessmen (or women), activists, or secret agents.

Compatible with: Horse and Tiger
Watch out!: Dragon

* Feb 10,1910 to Jan 29,1911 (metal)
* Jan 28,1922 to Feb 15,1923 (water)
* Feb 14,1934 to Feb 3,1935 (wood)
* Feb 2,1946 to Jan 21,1947 (fire)
* Feb 18,1958 to Feb 7,1959 (earth)
* Feb 6,1970 to Jan 26,1971 (metal)
* Jan 25,1982 to Feb 12,1983 (water)
* Feb 10,1994 to Jan 30,1995 (wood)

Celebrities include: Winston Churchill - George Gershwin - Michael Jackson - Madonna


The Pig is popular with others and he enjoys company, though he is often somewhat shy and short-tempered. He is a hard worker and is respected for his honesty, though he may be somewhat na´ve. He is known for his unselfishness. The Pig would be best in the arts as an entertainer, or possibly a lawyer.

Compatible with: Rabbit and Pig
Watch out!: Snake

* Jan 30,1911 to Feb 12,1912 (metal)
* Feb 16,1923 to Feb 4,1924 (water)
* Feb 4,1935 to Jan 23,1936 (wood)
* Jan 22,1947 to Feb 9,1948 (fire)
* Feb 8,1959 to Jan 27,1960 (earth)
* Jan 27,1971 to Feb 14,1972 (metal)
* Feb 13,1983 to Feb 1,1984 (water)
* Jan 31,1994 to Feb 18,1996 (wood)

Celebrities include: Woody Allen - Julie Andrews - Ronald Reagan - Alfred Hitchcock - Steven Spielberg