Name: Doc Fox
email address:
Location: Florida, USA

Description of religious beliefs:
Esoteric Christian, Soi Distant Catholic, Mystical Christian, Christian Heretic

Description of magickal beliefs/practices:
Ceremonial Magician, Path of the Mystical Christian Knight Teacher, Healer, Advocate, Angel Magic(k), Kabballah, Theurgy

I am a down to earth, "goaty," Friar Tuck type Christian Mage. I am very liberal and am a monolateralist, which means I believe in and worship one God without denying the existence of others. I am one of the three founders of Hearthstone, which we envisioned as a list with "limited" membership that would be able to support more "serious" content than many other lists seem to have, while still retaining the warmth, humor and compassion for all. Hearthstone was created to study and explore magic and more...