Picture of Helios

Name: Helios
email address: helios137@aol.com
Real Name: Fred
Location: New Jersey, USA

I Like the mystical aspects of all religions.

I believe that through discipline, meditation and contemplation we can bring about changes within ourselves. This, if done correctly, will bring us greater self knowledge and understanding of ourselves and everything around us. Magic is but one tool that I use in the pursuit of this goal. I use magic and prayer interchangably and often melded in a blend. As I gain deeper friendships with people who have become my teachers, I am becoming more comfortable in incorporating magic into my everyday life.

I like Hearthstone because it is one of many life lines that I have developed. A place where likeminded people can feel comfortable and share their wisdom in a warm and inspiring setting. And also to have fun and be content about chatting about the most frivolous of matters. :)

Other information:

Birth date: July 26, 1962
Sun, Ascendant and Moon Signs: Leo, Gemini, Gemini
Birthplace: NYC, USA
Web site: njlaborlaw.com
Do you drink?: Non-alcoholic caffeine stuff is my favorite.
Have you ever gone skinny dipping?: Yes.
Favorite color(s): Blue, Gold, Purple.
Totems: Hawk, lizard, owl.
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?: No.
Have you ever committed a crime?: Yes.
Best friend(s): Bill & Theresa.
Type of underwear: Briefs during the day.
Lucky number: 1, 3, 7
Pets?: None at this time. I'm hopeful though. ;)
Dream car: Humvee or BMW roadster convertible.
Favorite Season: Fall.
Favorite food: Steak and shell fish.
Body piercing or tattoos: None at this time. I'm hopeful though.
Favorite quote: "Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours."
- Richard Bach
Romantic or nonromantic?: Romantic
Brothers/Sisters: Billy and Carole
Favorite town: Londontown
Farthest you've been from hometown: Shiraz, Iran
Favorite CD at the moment: No Doubt's "Return of Saturn"
Favorite Musical Group: Beatles, Moody Blues, U2, Kinks
Favorite web site(s): Mysticism in World Religions: Frames version
Most humiliating moment: Being an altar boy for the first time and the more experienced altar boy didn't show up. I had to spend a week at 8:00 AM mass totally faking it and knowing that each of those old ladies in the first row, you know the one's with the rosaries, could do my job blindfolded.
Spiritual interests: Shooting for Keter but stuck in Malkhut. ;)
Favorite tarot card: Hermit
Why?: I love the image of climbing a mountain. I also am really really drawn by the power of his lantern.
Tarot card that scares you the most: None at the moment.
Tarot card that comes up most often: Hermit
Why do you think? Spiritual journey and all that kinda stuff.
Favorite tarot deck(s): Robin Wood and Smith Waite
The most vivid spiritual 'ah-ha' moment of your life: Laying on my kitchen floor with a high fever and seeing through the walls and staring at thousands of small spheres of light.
Do you read/write poetry?: Only read.
Do you read/write fiction/non-fiction?: Only read right now, but I am hopeful to write one day.