Name: Morose
email address: N/A
Personal Homepage: - committing crimes against reality since birth
Location: sunken R'Lyeh

Nicknames: Ye Liveliest of Awfulnesses, the Littlest Great Old One, Silent Bombadil.

Religious Background: I'm a Cthulhu acolyte who believes in/interacts with the Fair Folk, but i call myself a Satanist to save myself the hassle of having to explain Cthulhu to people when I'd rather not take the time to do so. I was discordian for a bit, Subgenius for a bit, but I keep coming back to that Old Ones religion.

Politics: ask me about the Cthulhuvian Party sometime on-list. Otherwise i vote liberal because i want to keep the Religious Right out of office.

Reality: I agree with Terry Pratchett that people live in worlds that orbit their own heads. mine's got a blend of fairytales and HP Lovecraft stories and Neil Gaiman stuff and Discworld novels in, meaning i tend to go through life with one foot and a few other appendages besides in the Otherworld and largely ignore the "normal" world as much as possible.

Magic: a good bit of involves my thoughtformy crew. They aren't "servitors" to me because i don't necessarily make and bind them. I meet them and invite them to hang out and get recharges and a safe space in exchange for helping out with stuff. and I use my inner wellsprings of feyerie and eldritchness to put a little oopmh into the occasional spell, but most of what I do I do via singing along with whatever song strikes me as appropriate, or reading, or playing gameboy... it doesn't really look all that magical. And i do some Discworld-style wizarding on occasion.

Music: changes with mood. it could be White Zombie or Enya or anything in between.

Books: Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Susanna Clark, H.P. Lovecraft, Brian Froud, Tolkien... anything by them works.