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Name: Prester John
email address:
Real Name: Jameson Riddle
Location: Lexington, KY, USA

Though I enjoy studying different religions, I don't belong to any established one of them. Except Discordianism, of course. :) My main reason for this is that I believe the experience of religion in one's life should ultimately be a joyful one and, except for Discordianism and religions I create myself, I don't find that any religions bring joy into my life. Interest, perhaps, but not joy. I also don't find enough humor in any established faiths except my own. However, I find the concepts and trappings of various religions to be endlessly diverting in an academic sense, and I enjoy finding various ways to distort and generally have fun with them. Ah, the life of a professional heretic... :)

My approach to magick is a muddy hodge-podge, with divination by Tarot the big stand-out. My practice mainly comes down to Tarot and associated things (a little astrology, numerology and Kabbala), as well as basic energy-projections (circles, shields - ESPECIALLY shields, transmission of energy for specific functions, etc.). I've also studied Chaos magic (ala Hine, Carroll and Spare) and a little Thelema. I've studied a little Golden Dawn, but I'd never want to use it (I don't believe it takes 37 pages of painstaking ritual to accomplish something that can be done in a simpler way). As far as my goals, I eventually want to start using servitors, as well as branch out into more divinatory paths. I'd also like to construct a comprehensive magical system solely around Tarot (I may as well go with what I know best).

The studies of philosophy and magic have made me almost an entirely different person than who I was ten years ago, and all the change has been for the better. I'm a little sillier now, but silly is good. :)

While I know I'm good with one or two narrow specializations (Tarot, and perhaps shielding), I consider myself a babe in the woods when it comes to other magical practices, so I'm here to learn what I can. The fact that two of my best friends are among the list's founders, and other friends contribute, is just icing on the cake. (grin)