Picture of Pwyll

Name: Pwyll
email address: pwyll@iglou.com
Personal home page: Here
Real name: Scott
Location: Central Kentucky, USA

I believe that life itself is inherently magical, and that merely existing entails using magic to a certain extent. The fact that some of us feel the need to "formalize" that and to explore the possibilities of expanding our "natural abilities" in various ways is indicative of personal preference rather than some inherent difference in ourselves as individuals. Like the choice of whether to study magic itself or not, the choice of how to study it, or what form it takes, is a matter of personal choice rather than an inherent "rightness" or "wrongness" among the various manifestations that magic takes.

I enjoy discussion in a free and open atmosphere, and the members of Hearthstone seem to do the same. The lack of hostilities and the acceptance of other religious and magical choice as equally valid is important to me, and seems to be on Hearthstone as well. That's not to say there aren't disagreements, but the people of Hearthstone seem to be able to disagree without insult or fighting, and that's the only sensible way to discuss and debate, in my opinion.