The rules for participation on Hearthstone are as simple as possible:
  1. Flaming is not permitted. For the purposes of Hearthstone, flaming is defined as emails/posts, or portions thereof, which do not contribute to the discussion at hand but contain cutting or biting remarks intended to demean, debase or insult. It is possible to disagree with a statement without insulting the person.

  2. Spam will not be tolerated. For the purposes of Hearthstone, spam is considered to mean any message that is primarily commercial in intent (even if non-profit in nature) and represents the bulk of that subscriber's participation, and/or any message that is repeated excessively. Members are allowed to post announcements of products or events, on behalf of themselves or someone else, as long as such announcements do not represent the majority of their interaction.

  3. Hearthstone does not allow for discrimination or harassment based on one's ethical, moral, magical or religious views.  Tolerance is a requirement of this list.

  4. In the case of rules violations, the first offence will result in a warning, the second offence will result in the offender being put on moderation status and having their posts submitted for review by the listowners before posting to Hearthstone, and the third offence will result in that member being unsubscribed from Hearthstone.

  5. Decisions of the listowners in matters of policy are final.