Tarot Reviews

Motherpeace Tarot

I chose this deck because I had seen someone use it at a ritual about 5 years ago, and it is just lovely. The drawings are not artistically superior, but nice just the same. The deck is round, which makes for some interesting interpretations. Not only is it possible to read cards upright and in reverse, but also to the left and to the right. To the left generally means holding back or fear of something. To the right means overdoing it or rushing towards something.

For example, I just did a shuffle and got the 9 of Discs to the slight left. The card shows a woman who is sitting alone in the desert with her bag and her drum. She is working on a sandpainting craft kind of thing. This is me entering a creative period in my life; but tilted to the left indicates I am not quite applying myself yet.

Ok, I'll go get to work. But isn't writing this review part of applying myself to my creativity?


Gill Tarot Deck Review

This is not a deck that I personally own. I borrowed it from Helios because I thought it so beautiful. It is very kabbalistic in nature. The first clue of that is the Tree of Life on the reverse side of each card, with the quote, "and I see man as trees, walking" at the bottom. I do not know a ton about the kabbala, but from what i can see, each of the numbered cards is representative of one of the spheres of life.

This deck is both obvious and not obvious. Obvious in the sense that there is a key word at the bottom of each card. For example, the ace of disks has "wealth" as a key word. You would think that this would clue you into the meaning of the card, right? I have to really study the rest of the card to get meaning. The drawing is of a gigantic letter A superimposed over a picture of the earth. The earth is covered by a crown. I did not immediately get that this was a disc; all the suits are very subtly drawn in. I was reaching in that direction because I was thinking wealth-money-pentacles-discs. It was not obvious to me that the earth was the disc.

Overall, I found this to be a difficult deck to read with, but a beautiful deck to look at. If I forget to give it back to Helios, I would use it more for meditaion.