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Colors and Their Properties

Many people believe that colours have certain properties that can be tapped by using them in specific ways, such as burning coloured candles or wearing specially chosen clothing.  This list contains some of the traditional properties of certain colours--but keep in mind that many people have different opinions and no list of colour properties is "right" or "wrong."

To the western world, white is the colour of protection, spirituality, peace, purity, truth, sincerity and power.  In many cultures, white is the colour of mourning.

This color is very powerful for protection and absorbing negative energies that are either picked up unknowingly or purposely directed towards a person.  It is effective in banishings.

Red is almost universally seen as the colour of sexuality, passion, desire, energy, courage, strength, vigor, drive, health.  It is sometimes used to represent love, but in most western traditions green or pink would be more appropriate as red is a colour of passion rather than compassion.

Often seen as a colour of joy, creativity and attraction, orange is also commonly seen as encouraging for ambition, career, and legal matters.  Conversely, many people see it as propitious for spiritual attainment and to promote kindness, compassion and adaptability.

The colour of intellect, imagination, memory and creativity in the western tradition, yellow facilitates learning, clairvoyance, persuasion and charm.  It induces confidence, joy, comfort and attraction and diminishes jealousy.

Green is the colour of the physical world and represents fertility in all its aspect, from physical and psychic healing to sexual love to money and wealth.  It attracts luck, prosperity, fertility and charity, and helps with personal growth, serenity and harmony.

Greenish Yellow
Although both green and yellow are propitious colours, combining them into a shade that is not quite either produces disastrous results.  Greenish yellow can signify and/or attract sickness, cowardice, jealousy and discord.

Light Blue
A particular range of pale blues is common in policec and hospital waiting areas as it has been shown to calm the mind.  Light blue produces tranquility and is good for meditation, inspiration, occult wisdom, protection, healing, understanding, patience, harmony, devotion, sincerity and healing.

Dark Blue
There is a difference between dark blue and deep blue.  As blue deepens it becomes indigo, but as it aproaches black it changes from calm tranquility to impulsiveness, depression, and unpredictable changeability.

Indigo is a colour of openness and is excellent for helping develop ESP and spiritual growth in general.  It is a colour of ambition and pride and helps clear impulsiveness and depression.

Though vastly different in appearance from indio, violet has much the same properties, though it can also signify or attract pity and guilt.

Purple is the colour of royalty, both earthly and spiritual.   Both violet and indigo get their qualities from being shades of purple, though true purple does not share the associations of pity and guilt with violet, and can be used in healing of any kind to great effect.

A softer shade of red, pink signifies the more passive side of love--affection, romance and friendship.  It also attracts success, honor, truth, understanding and morality.

Generally seen as the colour of neutrality, grey offers cancellation and stalemate in the western tradition.

Silver has almost always been seen as a magical metal, often valued even over gold for use in religious and magical rites.  The colour shares many of those properties, often being seen as the colour of clairvoyance, inspiration, astral energy and intuition.

As green is the colour of life springing from the earth, brown is the colour of the Earth itself and is generally seen as being good for healing and for cleansing and protecting animals, objects and residences.  It can also signify hesitation, uncertainty and neutrality to some people or in some cases.