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Chinese Zodiac
Colour Properties
The Enochian Calls, or Keys
Introduction to the I Ching
Properties of Stones
A History of Tarot
Tarot meaning according to Waite
Tarot Reviews by Hearthstone members

Schools and Theory

The Eight Circuit Brain
Kabbalah FAQ
Magick Theory according to A Crowley
Quantum Magic

How To

Black Moon Ritual
Technique for Astral Projection
Fotamecus, a time servitor


Candle Magick
!! "Closer" to a Primer on Sexual Mysticism
The Four Phases of History
Jung's Seven Sermons of the Dead
Tarot and the Tree of Life
What is Chaos Magic?
What are the gods?
Which Hand is Your Path On?
The Wiccan Rede: What Does it Really Mean?


Field Guide to NeoPaganism

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